Story, Writing and Literature

The relationship between oral tradition and literature is as complex and fluid as the relationship between any immortal and deific parent and child.

Writing was the offspring of Commerce, born amongst the hustle and bustle of the earliest cities, dedicated to a life of record keeping, trapped in rigid columns. Although Story was ancient she never aged, being born anew every time she she was spoken, kissed in to vital life by each pair of lips she passed. As Writing grew amongst the trappings of trade, he developed his powers of description, struggling for accuracy, detailing the specific. Story, ever seeking new experiences to incorporate in to her repertoire, was drawn to Writings descriptive skills, impressed by his unfailing memory.

Writing was barely old enough to grow a beard when they met but Story teased him with adventures, one moment wild and exotic, the next full of homely warmth. Seduced by Story’s enigmatic beauty and the worlds of wonder she laid before him, Writing broke free from the constraints of the trade ledgers and set out to woo Story. He followed her faithfully across the lands and hung on her every word. Flattered by the attention Story gave herself to him, fell breathlessly under his stylus in his bed of clay… and in the heat of their union Literature was born.

Though they often travel together, Story remains ever young and fresh while her daughter, Literature, stiffens with age. Writing, trained from birth to be pedantic, constantly complains of Story’s inconsistency. Sometimes Literature tires of her mother’s flightiness and will endeavour to trap her in her pages. Whilst Writing still loves Story he loves his daughter more and will often side with her. Together they bind Story in chapters of finely woven prose.

Sooner or later one of Story’s old lovers will find her, recognizing her grace behind the lines of greying grammar. The storyteller, who loved her as she was and loves her just as much as she is now, tickles her with their tongue and, laughing, she slips free from the chains of ink and dances once more in the air, leaping from mouth to ear as husband and daughter follow behind entranced, reminded of their love, desperate to catch her again.



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6 responses to “Story, Writing and Literature

  1. Drew

    What a beautiful, uplifting piece of writing. Thank you for lifting my spirit and soul to a better place…

  2. Love it, very cleverly written incorporating Writing, Story and Literature. lt brought a smile to my face.

    • And thank you, Hanalouwho. I was not originally intending to write about Story and literature, it was just going to be an introduction to another post entirely but once I started the story simply took over, it pretty much wrote itself.

  3. I can only echo the other comments – it’s a beautifully crafted piece of writing . May I copy it into my Storytelling file please – not to publish or tell in any way, but for my own reading pleasure?.

    • Of course you can Fiona, I’d be flattered and thank you for asking. If you are anything like me it’s probably a good idea to note my name and website/e-mail on it for reference when you come across it again some time down the line, I always end up wondering where things came from if I don’t make a note.

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